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Catalog Number:  WMP 52005

Category: Medium / Difficult Big Band Charts

Level: Medium

Price: $55.00

Arranger: Steve Kessler


Description: Here's a happy bossa for your band to work on. Your lead trombone gets the opportunity to play a sweet melody and later take a solo over some fun chord changes. This tune has a relaxed, Latin feel! This bossa nova has an infectious melody and gives all players exposure within the safety of their sections. It's also the perfect vehicle to showcase your building trombone and piano soloist in a style that is accessible and provides a great change of pace for any performance. It includes an open solo section with scales provided and is playable with reduced instrumentation. This great feature will add spice to your performances. Whether teaching or performing, this chart has alot to offer young jazz groups! Trumpet to optional High F and Trombone to high A. 5,4,4,G,P,B,D. Medium.


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